Find Your Milk Pitcher

Discover the variety of spout shapes in WPM milk pitchers, designed to match your pouring style and latte art needs.

    Co-lab series    

#06 Round

Introducing our classic round spout milk pitcher with a slanted top , designed for a faster pour and ideal for creating wave patterns with softer, rounded lines.


#07 Sharp

Experience precision like never before with our sharp spout milk pitcher with a slanted top design. Perfect for intricate wave patterns that require thinner, well-defined lines.


#09 Wide

Discover our adapted extra round spout milk pitcher, specially designed for an even faster pour. It's the ideal choice for wave patterns such as wing tulips that require a larger base.


#21 Tapered

Introducing our enhanced tapered spout, the perfect balance between round and sharp designs. This versatile spout allows you to create both soft, gentle patterns and well-defined, precise designs. Ideal for adding layers to wave patterns like tulips.


#30 Competition

Elevate your frothing game with our new competition-grade milk pitchers. Featuring an arc-shaped bottom for consistent mixing, the 600cc pitcher is perfect for combination patterns, while the versatile 500cc pitcher is suitable for both wave and combination patterns.



In collaboration with IVY LKY, the 2016 NY Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion, we proudly present our special edition milk pitcher, with the concept of "Never Stand Still". Its lightweight design allows for easier flow control, while the extra sharp spout enables baristas to create delicate fine lines in combination patterns, like her signature design "hippopotamus".


#22 Slow Pour X WPM

Developed in collaboration with Slow Pour Supply, this milk pitcher features an extra round spout. It's perfect for wave patterns that demand dramatic, bold lines.



Introducing our special edition milk pitcher, developed by Ujae Lee, the 2018 LA Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion & the expert in wave patterns. This model boasts a finer tapered tip, making it ideal for high contrast patterns and defined lines.