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ZD-18 Commercial Grinder

ZD-18 Commercial Grinder

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ZD-18 is specifically engineered for the high demands of busy cafes, offering a faster and more precise grind, adapting seamlessly to the rigorous demands of a professional coffee environment.

  • Upgraded 75mm Stainless Steel Flat Burr: The ZD-18 features a larger 75mm flat burr, enhancing its ability to deliver rapid and uniform grinding. This upgrade ensures perfect coffee consistency for every cup, tailored to the needs of a busy cafe.
  • Increased Grinding Speed: With an impressive grinding speed of 4g/s, the ZD-18 reduces waiting times, optimizing workflow and efficiency in a commercial setting.
  • Integrated Cooling Fan: A built-in cooling fan maintains the grinder's optimal temperature, preserving the integrity of the coffee beans during extended use. This feature is essential for maintaining consistent grind quality during peak hours.
  • Expanded Hopper Capacity: The ZD-18 comes with a significantly larger hopper, holding up to 1200g of coffee beans. This larger capacity ensures uninterrupted operation during high-demand periods, making it ideal for busy coffee shops.
  • Versatile Pre-Programmed Settings: Retaining its user-friendly interface, the ZD-18 offers pre-programmed settings for 1-cup, 2-cup, or manual timing options, catering to diverse brewing requirements.
  • Quick-Start Functionality: The intuitive design allows for easy start and stop of grinding by simply resting the portafilter against the holder. Achieve the desired dosage quickly and efficiently, a must-have feature for fast-paced cafe environments.
  • Intuitive Tact Grinding Switch: Simplified grind size selection ensures a streamlined and user-friendly experience for baristas of all skill levels.
  • Mess-Free Convenience: The ZD-18 provides a mess-free grinding experience with an adjustable grind outlet and portafilter holder, complemented by an anti-static funnel for a lump-free grind.


Stainless steel body


1 Cup / 2 Cup Grinding Time Setting


Tact Grinding Switch


Touch Control Panel


Adjustable Grind Outlet and Portafilter Fork


1400 RPM grinding speed


Cooling Fan


Grinding range: Espresso


Stepless Grind Adjustment


64mm Flat Burr




Direct to handle

Handle Holder:


Hopper Capacity (g):


Voltage (V):

220-240V~ / 50-60Hz

Power (W):


Dimension (D*W*H in mm):


Net Weight (in kg):


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